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published: May 2015, 132 pages

9.00 USD

ISBN 978-1-937570-65-1 (paperback)

About this book

Sister Felicitas Niyitegeka was the director of the Centre Saint-Pierre in Gisenyi, Rwanda. It was there that she and her sisters sheltered Tutsi refugees during the 1994 genocide. Shortly before she was killed she wrote this letter to her brother, a colonel in the army, who had instructed Felicitas to leave immediately in order to escape certain death:

Dearest brother,
Thank you for your willingness to save me. But instead of saving my life by abandoning the 43 people about to die, I prefer to die with them. Pray for us that we may arrive in heaven and say goodbye for me to our mother, brothers and sisters. Once in heaven I will pray for you to God. Thank you very much for thinking about me. And if God saves us as we hope, we‘ll see one another tomorrow.
Your sister,     
Nowadays, Felicitas Niyitegeka is regarded as a national heroine. Preserving her memory serves to remind on the 1994 genocide and shows that even in periods of extreme violence, some people guard humanity and love their neighbour. This book compiles testimonies from those who met Felicitas Niyitegeka and presents the story of her life and dreadful killing.


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