cover: A Journey to the East

June 2015, 448 pages, paperback, 152 x 229 mm
ISBN 078-1-937570-69-9

Excerpt from the preface

A Journey to the East is partially academic and semi-scholarly, but it is also mixed with many short and more popular essays about my experiences teaching and lecturing in Chinese universities, or as Deng Xiaoping said, “developing theory from practical facts.” It is both autobiographical/autoenographic in terms of my own writing, and even also by twenty-two cultural story student voices from Russia and China for themselves, and then biographical about me with comments by my own earlier Chinese students and in part Six in two of the public conversations and dialogues with Laura Gostin and Li Mengyu who are the questioners and I am the respondent.
Many of the earlier and later essays on the same topic have been combined for greater clarity and longitudinal developments over the 2001–14 period of teaching in Chinese universities. There are six parts to the book:

1. Thinking Globally: Acting Locally;

2. Opening Up to The Broader World;

3. My Journey to the East and West: Asia in Focus;

4. My Journey to the East: China in Focus;

5. Voices of The Youth; and

6. Public Conversations.


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Michael H. Prosser has so far published four books with Dignity Press. More are in preparation. More about him on the author's page.

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What others say

Michael Prosser has been well-connected with Eastern culture in his life. So he is qualified to be an ambassador of the cooperation between Eastern and Western culture. This book is strongly recommended, especially to the youth, because a dialogue with Michael H. Prosser inspires to make a change in our life.
Zhang Shengyong, MA
Dezhou University

Professor Prosser’s academic and life experiences grow and expand from American culture to European culture, to African culture, and to Asian culture. I firmly believe he really deserves the titles of “multiculturalist“ and “citizen of the world.”
Mengyu Li, PhD
Ocean University of China

Michael Prosser’s unparalleled larger-than-life intercultural experience helps us to create a positive and dignified future for our world. We learn many things from this brilliant author, among others to regularly ask ‘’why?’’ and ‘’why not?’’ to manifest the clarion call of Socrates, ‘’I am neither a citizen of Athens, nor of Greece, but of the world.’’
Evelin G. Lindner
Founding President of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network