Michael Prosser, Mansoureh Sharifzadeh, and Zhang Shengyong

Cover of Finding Cross-cultural Common Ground

March 2013

514 pages

USD 22.00, EUR 17.00

ISBN 978-1-937570-25-5

About the Authors

Michael H. Prosser, Ph.D., is a founder of the academic field of intercultural communication and Fellow of the International Academy for Intercultural Research. He has taught full-time at the University of Buffalo, Indiana University, the University of Virginia, University of Swaziland, Rochester Institute of Technology, Yangzhou University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Shanghai International Studies University, and Ocean University of China, and as a visiting faculty member at several other universities.

He publishes a blog at http://www.michaelprosser.com, covering intercultural, international, and global topics, communication and media, Asia, and especially China, social media and censorship, and education, especially higher education.

Mansoureh Sharifzadeh  (B.A. Damavand College, Tehran, Iran), has been an English language teacher at public and private pre-university centers of Tehran since 1978. She is a writer of English and Persian published articles and a frequent contributor to the www.michaelprosser.com blog. Translating books from English to Persian, she was awarded honors by President Seyyed Mohammed Khatami in 2004. 

Zhang Shengyong (M.A. Shanghai International Studies University) has taught in the Foreign Language Department of Dezhou University since 2004. He is a writer of English and Chinese published articles and a frequent contributor to the www.michaelprosser.com blog. In 2011, he published his first book with Ms. Xu Jun, Research on China’s Global Image which has developed his deep interests in intercultural and international communication. He is the author of “The Perceptions of the USCC toward China and Its Influence on Sino-US Relations” (2010), and is coauthor with Michael H. Prosser of “G2 Languages: Chinese and English” (2010).

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Finding Cross Cultural Common Ground presents essays, travel logs, interviews, book reviews and personal stories, spanning diverse cultural backgrounds and intercultural experiences.
This collection is recommended for every reader interested in understanding globalization from different perspectives.