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February 2013, 304 pages

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ISBN 978-1-937570-29-3


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,,Here then is a book that gently, persistently and, I think, solidly makes a case for incorporating Gandhi's insights into mainstream economics. Gandhi and the Future of Economics is not meant to be a research study of Gandhian economics. It is rather that kind of felicitous publication that breathes new life into a known theme, and, in doing so, brings out its implications for praxis. Even better is the fact that it does all this in dialogue with a set of contemporary thinkers and actors from the Indian sub-continent ... "
(from Ivo Coelho's preface)

Howard Richards is emeritus Research Professor of Philosophy
at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, USA.
Now he teaches in Chile and in South Africa.

Joanna Swanger is an historian and Director of Peace
and Global Studies Program and Assistant Professor of
Peace and Global Studies at Earlham College, Richmond,
Indiana, USA.

Ivo Coelho, SDB is Reader in Gnoseology and Metaphysics
at Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik
(Maharashtra State, India), and editor of Divyadaan:
Journal of Philosophy and Education. He has earlier been
principal of the same institute, and also secretary of the
Association of Christian Philosophers of India.