book cover, The Magic of the Everyday

Just published (October 2014):

Paperback, 111 pages

14.00 EUR, 18.50 USD

ISBN 978-1-937570-53-8

The energy that derives from mindful action is
creative. Everything it touches will be renewed.
It flows in when you do something that arouses
your interest and provides you with the same
exultation as when a child flies a kite on a windy
spring day.

Mindfulness is the ore of life that waits to be
polished and shaped by you. It is not distinct
from anything else in your life. Mindfulness is
not divided up into moments, levels, quantities
or shortcomings. Mindfulness is your attitude
towards life.

The path to joy is not to dream of a life
but to live out a dream


Arctic Queen is one of Scandinavia`s strongest
inspirators and leading writers within
the field of communication and mindfulness.





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About the author

Arctic Queen ( is the pseudonym of Ragnhild Nilsen, one of Scandinavia`s greatest public speakers and inspirators. Besides being a gifted storyteller, singer and composer, she is the author of 14 books – both poetic novels and more practical books about leadership, presentation skills and change management.
Arctic Queen spends much of her time on the ecological cotton revolution, an initiative she has taken together with SEKEM on behalf of global warming and fair trade. See and