Online Collaborative Learning, front cover

Kenday S. Kamara, Ph.D.

Online Collaborative Learning — Challenges and Opportunities for NGOs in Developing Countries

2013, 193 pages, Paperback: ISBN 978-1-937570-21-7

ePub (forthcoming): ISBN 978-1-937570-22-4

Kindle (forthcoming): ISBN 978-1-937570-23-1

About the Author

Kenday Samuel Kamara (with a Ph.D. in Organizational Development, Leadership and Management) is an expert in policy development and capacity building with experience in many countries in Africa, South East Asia, North America and Europe. As a consultant, he advises on strategy policy and development projects implementation at institutional and civil society level.

About this Book

Perhaps, never before in the history of humankind has there been a period of such expansive, social, cultural and institutional change on a global scale as there is today.

In this book, the author provides a detailed view on how non-governmental organizations can use information technology, online collaboration, and a plethora of web-based services and tools to attain their goals more effectively. 

The book combines practical advice with background information about strategic challenges which NGOs face in pursuance of their mission. It introduces to digital cultures and technologies and describes how these can help to demonstrate accountability and transparency.

The author’s experience from development projects in many countries makes this book valuable for readers from both the global south and the global north.


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