The Pearl - A poetic story about finding your talents and using them

by Arctic Queen

ISBN 978-1-937570-00-2

107 pages, softcover, published May 2012

With this touching novel in the twilight zone between dream and reality, the author creates an unforgettable story about Mara - a woman who manages to turn her loss into beauty, she develops her talents despite her setbacks and manages to renew her creative energy every day.

This little book reminds us that there is a deeper secret in the universe, which can be called “ the Pearl” or the law of transformation. This law tells us that everything in life is changing, it shows us how wounds can heal and how a scar can become a treasure - in our everyday life.

A typical gift-book: a book you want to give away to a friend who needs a hug or a book you want to read when you wish to lift your spirit.


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About the author

Arctic Queen is the artist name of Ragnhild Nilsen, one of Scandinavia`s greatest public speakers and inspirators. Besides being a gifted storyteller, singer and composer, she is the author of 14 books – both poetic novels and more practical books about leadership, presentation skills and change-management.

Arctic Queen spends much of her time on the ecological cotton revolution, an initiative she has taken together with SEKEM on behalf of global warming and fair trade. See: and


From the Scandinavian Press:

"What a magnificent story. Wonderfully emotional and irresistibly readable."

Kvinner og Klær 2009


Narrative art at its best, packed into a pocket-sized format.’´"

Morgenbladet 2010


"A rare pearl - heartfelt and simple in all its depth."

Ellen Arnstad, chief editor Henne, 2010