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About the authors

Cui LitangCui Litang, M.A., has over 27 years experience teaching English and Chinese as Foreign Languages at colleges, universities and organizations in China and the USA. He has served in translations, textbook development, web development and podcasting on YouTube and Flickr. His writings, including “A Map Without Boundaries: William Gibson's Neuromancer-Cyberpunk Novel Reexamined” (2005), “The Communication Convention and Functions of English Discourse Marker in Speech Communication” (2005) and recently as a contributing author for “Communicating Interculturally” (Li Mengyu, Michael H. Prosser) reflect his research interest in linguistics and media.

Michael H. ProsserMichael H. Prosser (Ph.D., University of Illinois), a founder of the academic field of intercultural communication, has taught at universities in North America, China, and in Africa. He is the editor/coeditor or author/coauthor of seventeen published or forthcoming books. He is the former President of the International Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (1984-1986) and a Fellow of
the International Academy for Intercultural Research. His blog at attracts readers from all over the world.

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